Maarten Maartens

Reissue of De dwaas Gods by Maarten Maartens

De dwaas Gods, a Dutch translation of God’s Fool by Maarten Maartens was published in 1975.
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Maarten Maartens’s death, the Meulenhoff publishing house reissued this novel from 1892, with which Maartens reaped international success at the time and firmly established his name. The book is available in paperback, priced at € 19.99, or as an e-book from: Uitgeverij Meulenhoff

New collection of short stories

At Home and Abroad, Stories of Love

At the Maartens symposium at the Zonheuvel country estate, on 26 September 2015, Bouwe Postmus, chairman of the Maarten Maartens Foundation, presented a collection he had compiled of Maartens’ short stories that had never been published in book form before. The presentation was followed by a spoken review of the collection of short stories by Arjan Peters, literary critic and editor of De Volkskrant.

Maartens’ short stories are counted among the best works of his literary legacy. This genre does full justice to his great stylistic and psychological craftsmanship. Following the four collections of short stories published in the years 1901-1909 by various English publishers, the Maarten Maartens Foundation pays a posthumous tribute to the unjustly forgotten Dutch writer, by publishing this fifth collection At Home and Abroad a hundred years after his death.

The book is published by the Maarten Maartens Foundation itself and is available from the Read Shop in Doorn. The ISBN/EAN of this edition is: 978-90-9029026-3.