Maarten Maartens

Links to Maarten Maartens

  • by Mats Beek Veenendaal
  • MMN Cultuurhistorische Commissie – Open monumentendag 2005
  • Search for “Maarten Maartens” in Google Books

Links to Maarten Maartens House

  • At Zonheuvel country estate on the SBI-Formaat website, you will find the Maarten Maartens House, where at the beginning of the 20th century Maarten Maartens brought together young people from different cultures to learn and to share knowledge.
  • At Zonheuvel Hotel Conference Centre, you can book rooms in the vicinity of the Maarten Maartens House.
  • Training and consultancy firm SBI Formaat is also located here.
  • There are some beautiful photos of the Maarten Maartens House on the site of Rijksmonumenten