Maarten Maartens

Looking back on the commemoration day

The commemorative programme revolved around a SYMPOSIUM in the Zonheuvel conference centre, on the afternoon of Saturday 26 September 2016, with a short introductory programme in the Maarten Maartens House.

The programme included the following items:

  • Opening by the deputy mayor of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug Municipality, Jan Willem van Dongen, and unveiling of the Maarten Maartens Allee
  • ‘Writing at Zonheuvel. The story of Maarten Maartens’, by storyteller Anne van Delft
  • Appearance by André van Zwieten, town poet of Wijk bij Duurstede, including a poem written especially for the commemoration “What I still wanted to write to you”
  • SYMPOSIUM about Maartens’ body of ideas, the themes in his work and his literary legacy. The host was Dr. Bouwe Postmus, chairman of the Maarten Maartens Foundation, who also presented a collection he had compiled of Maartens’ short stories that had never been published in book form before. Speakers at the symposium were:
    – Arjan Peters, literary critic and editor of de Volkskrant: In defiance of forgetting Maarten Maartens (pdf)
    – Dr Hendrik Breuls, PhD in Maartens in 2004: Lecture (pdf)
    – Dr Anna Christina Giovanopoulos: Lecture (pdf)
    – storyteller Anne van Delft with a reading of a short story by Maartens: Her last word (pdf)
8-Registratie-deelnemers 9 10 11
Registration of participants
12-Onthulling-Maarten-Maartens-Allee 13-Maarten-Maartens-Allee   14-Andre-van-Zwieten 15-Anne-van-Delft-in-de-Porseleinkamer
Unveiling of the Maarten Maartens Allee: Bouwe Postmus and deputy mayor of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug Municipality, Jan Willem van Dongen André van Zwieten Anne van Delft in the Porseleinkamer (Porcelain Room)
   16 17 18-Inleiding-door-Bouwe-Postmus 19
Introduction by Bouwe Postmus
0225-At-Home-and-Abroad-J.-Wichers-Hoeth-van-der-Laan 20-Arjan-Peters 21-Dr-Anna-Christina Giovanopoulos- 22-Hendrik Breuls
Presentation of the first copy of the collection of short stories ‘At Home and Abroad’ to the oldest member of the family, Mrs J. Wichers Hoeth-van der Laan Arjan Peters  Dr. Anna-Christina Giovanopoulos  Dr. Hendrik Breuls